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At Circa London, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy. This privacy policy covers the collection, use and disclosure of personal information that we collect from you on this site. This information is only that required by us and/or any partner/associated companies in order to provide you with the products, quotes or information you have requested or may require.

Personal Information

When you register on our website the Information you enter, such as name, address, postcode, telephone number, email etc may be used to make you aware of additional products and services we believe may be of interest.

By submitting your information, you consent to its use, as set out in this policy.

Data Collection

We collect information from the website in order to: - Identify you every time you visit our website; Provide you with the services requested; From time to time we may contact you with information we believe will be of interest or of benefit to you such as new or existing services, offers or newsletters, provided by Circa London and/or by associated companies or third parties including a financial services provider.

If at any time you wish your personal details to be amended or removed from our record, or you no longer wish to receive certain information please contact us.


在 Circa London,我們致力於保護您的隱私。本隱私政策涵蓋了我們在本網站上向您收集的個人信息的收集、使用和披露。此信息僅是我們和/或任何合作夥伴/關聯公司為向您提供您請求或可能需要的產品、報價或信息而要求的信息。




我們從網站收集信息是為了: - 每次您訪問我們的網站時識別您的身份;為您提供所要求的服務;我們可能會不時與您聯繫,提供我們認為您會感興趣或有益的信息,例如由 Circa London 和/或關聯公司或第三方(包括金融服務提供商)提供的新服務或現有服務、優惠或新聞通訊。



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